"Our lives Matter"

Proud of Europe -Never on our knees!

This friday evening, another „Black Lives Matter“-protest took place in front of the US-embassy of Vienna. Thousand of young „NPCs“ had already followed the call of politically correct companies on Thursday, so us patriotic activists felt obligated to oppose this untruthful memorial. The entire message of „Black Lives Matter“ is founded on lies and twisted truths. No patriotic European can endure the gestures of submission, the hounding of whites in the USA and the lies of the media covering the situation. The most hypocritical thing, however, is the apparent hierarchy of victims, on which Europeans are at the bottom. While a black professional criminal being killed during a police check in a foreign country thousands of miles away is glorified as a martyr, the innumerable European victims of imported terror and rapes remain without name or face. European, white lives matter. We pointed to this issue by creating a banner saying „OUR LIVES MATTER“.

As the BLM-rally was going on, we raised our banner right above the guilt-tripped activists. From the sixth floor of a nearby building, the names of our deceased brothers and sisters were emblazoned on the banner: Ebba Akerlund, Kathryn Steinle, Maria Ladenburger and Tommie Lindh. They represent the thousands of other pointless victims of our „welcoming culture“.

You have not been forgotten! We will honour your memory and fight so that your tragedy will not repeat itself any more. Thus we fight against the great replacement and replacement migration, for remigration and reconquista. We are the patriotic and defiant youth of Europe. You will find us on the rooftops and streets of our cities, but never on our knees.

“Our Lives Matter”-Banneraktion in Wien

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